Jambert Dental Saving Plan

     “Basic Option Dental Plan” 

NO Social Security # NEEDED!
$25,000 Annual Maximum with NO Deductible
Cleanings, Fillings, Root Canals, Crowns
Braces, Invisalign, Implants, Teeth Whitening
& So Much More INCLUDED!!!
Only $74.95 Per Year.


Your mouth is no joke.  Everyone should go to the Dentist at least (2) twice a year to have your teeth cleaned and mouth examined to make sure there are not any cavities or health problems.  You will also be evaluated for Gum Disease and Oral Cancer.  The results of you not taking care of your teeth, gums and mouth can cause a lot of pain and medical conditions throughout your entire body.

We have (3) different Discount Dental Saving Plans to help you and your family achieve a healthier smile.  Each one of the Discount Dental Saving Plans has different savings.  You will only need to pick (1) “One” Discount Dental Saving Plan.

Jambert’s Dental Saving Plan – “Basic Option Dental Plan” is made for Single People that do not have a lot of cavities or dental problems, and only need to go to the dentist (2) twice a year.  This plan is perfect to give you your routine cleanings and exam at a major discount, plus the plan offers discounts on all other services including Orthodontics with NO AGE Limit. Click Here for a Fee Schedule of Jambert’s Dental Saving Plan – Basic Option Dental Plan.

Jambert’s Dental Saving Plan – “Standard Option Dental Plan” is also made for Single People, but it also includes family members.  This plan gives you discounts on cleanings and exam, plus it gives you larger discount on services than the Jambert’s – “Basic Option Dental Plan”. Click Here for a Fee Schedule of Jambert’s Dental Saving Plan – Standard Option Dental Plan.

Jambert’s Dental Saving Plan – “High Option Dental Plan”  is our best plan that offers the Largest Discount on Dental Services.  Routine Cleanings only $30.00, the best discounts on fillings, extractions, crowns, veneers, and orthodontics.  We have a single member plan and a plan for the entire family.  When enrolling you will need to pick which Discount Dental Saving Plan is best for you and your family.  Enroll today and get started “Saving Money” on your dental services. Click Here for a Fee Schedule of Jambert’s Dental Saving Plan – High Option Dental Plan.

Everyone is Accepted with NO Social Security Number Needed, NO Waiting Period, NO Deductible and $25,000 Annual Maximum.  You do not have to be employed to enroll into one of our Discount Dental Saving Plans. Take advantage of our Savings on Cleanings, Fillings, root Canals, Crowns, Implants, Dentures, Teeth Whitening, Orthodontics & so much more by enrolling into (1)  of Jambert’s (3) three different Discount Dental Saving Plans. Jambert Dental offers Discount Dental Saving Plans for a Single Member, Family Members and household members.

  • Everyone is APPROVED!!!
  • NO Social Security Number Needed!  
  • NO Waiting Period
  • $25,000 Annual Maximum
  • NO Annual Deductible to meet
  • NO Referrals or Claim Forms Needed
  • Coverage for Adult & Child Orthodontics
  • Coverage for Dentures & Implants

All discount dental saving plans are good for (1) one full year from the date of purchasing the discount dental plan.

Thank you for enrolling into Jambert Dental Discount Saving Plan. You will receive a “Welcome” Email within 24 business hours with your Personalized Digital Identification Cards with your Subscriber ID#. You will be able to call a dentist in our network to schedule your appointment.   There is NO Waiting Period to use your Discount Dental Saving Plan.  You may add additional family members by submitting an email to JambertDental@gmail.com with your Subscriber ID#.

By signing below, I understand I am purchasing one full year of coverage from Jambert Dental.  I further understand that Jambert Dental is a discount saving plan and is not provided by a license dental insurance company.  Jambert Dental will give you similar savings to a dental insurance plan for a much lower cost, no waiting periods, no exceptions to which services are approved or not approved, no deductible and a $25,000 maximum spending allowance per calendar year.  We have a fee schedule that your dentist has agreed to accept.  You simply go to the dentist of your choice that is “In our network” and they will give you a treatment plan telling you what you will need to do to achieve a healthier smile and the price for those services according to our fee schedule.  You may check out our fee schedule on our website at anytime. You are purchasing one full year of coverage.  All Fee Schedules are updated December 31st of each calendar year.  You can change your dentist at anytime as long as they are within our network.  “In-Network” means that we have a list of dentist that will provide dental services at the discount price.  You must pick a dentist that has enrolled with Jambert Dental as a providing dentist.  You may change from one dentist to another as long as both dentist are “In-Network” with Jambert Dental.  Jambert Dental is owed by Gold Star Marketing.  Enroll today!

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Jambert Dental Saving Plan

“Basic Option Dental Plan”
SINGLE Members Only!
$74.95 Per Year


Jambert Dental Saving Plan – Basic Dental Plan Fee Schedule:

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