Avoid Making These 3 “Costly Mistakes”

Avoid Making These 3 “Costly Mistakes

Hello Everyone, I am here to save you money by helping you not to make the same mistakes as last year when it comes to your dental needs.  By avoiding these “Top Three Mistakes” shown below, we will help you Improve your Health and Appearance, and Boost your Self-Esteem at the same time show you how to save money doing so.

First thing first, know your dental insurance plan.  Every plan is different.  Just because you spend more money buying the plan doesn’t mean the plan is the best.  It is not like buying a car.   Now the difference between dental insurance and using a dental discount saving plan.  Jambert Dental is a discount dental saving plan that offers you huge discounts on dental services.  In most cases a discount plan will offer you better savings than using a dental insurance plan.  Please, see our future post to show you more on the differences between having a dental insurance plan and a discount dental saving plan. 

  1. The 1st Costly Mistake is not recognizing that keeping up with your “Preventative Dental” Care can SAVE You THOUSANDS of Dollars!

Routine exams, x-rays and cleanings are far less expensive than waiting to see the dentist when you’re in pain.   The damage is done and you will have to pay big to fix it.  You may not feel pain during the early stages of gum disease, bone loss, tooth decay, wisdom teeth or even understand why the problem happens.   Having your routine visit will catch the problems early on and fixing them early on is much cheaper compared to what it will cost to fix the problem if you wait. 

  1. The 2nd Costly Mistake is thinking that sensitive teeth, chronic bad breath, bleeding gums, toothache or broken teeth can wait.

Once you have one of these problems, they do not go away on their own.  A dental professional during their exam can determine whether you have a simple cavity or something bigger, such as an infection in the gum or an abscess under the root of tooth.  All of these things can’t be fixed on their own and is very important to your overall health to have them fixed. You will save thousands of dollars on your dental bill if you catch these problems ahead of the game.  They don’t start out huge problems, there just like everything else in life, they start out small and grow.  The smaller the problem is, the cheaper it is to fix.

  1. The 3rd Costly Mistake is not realizing that your Dental Problems is connected to your Overall Health.

Do you know that there is actual blood that flows through your root of your teeth, feeding your teeth nutrients from what you eat and drink?  There is a vital connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.  To start, the more teeth you pull out of your mouth, the more you increase your chances of a heart attack.  Gum disease is bacteria that will eat away at your gums creating bone loss and essentially cause your teeth to fall out.  This disease is serious.  Gum disease can affect more than just your mouth and your body, the bacteria/infection can transfer to those whom you kiss.  Taking care of these problems in the earlier stages will SAVE You Money at Dentist.

The good news is that most dental problems are preventable by going to the dentist at least twice a year.  Going twice a year to the dentist will help you catch these problems at their earlier stage when they are the cheapest to fix. 

Get started saving thousands of dollars a year on dental services that you need by enrolling into one of our Jambert Dental Saving Plans.  We offer a dental saving plan for single people needing a basic preventative dental plan starting at only $77.95 per year to a plan that is for the entire family.  Check out the different dental saving plans we offer at http://jambertdental.com/enroll-today.

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