How to Treat Sensitive Teeth 

The first step to treat sensitive teeth is to visit your dentist and make sure that you visit your dentist at least two times a year for a regular exam.  At your visit your hygienist will work closely with your Dentist to evaluate why your teeth are sensitive. 

There are several reason why your teeth can be sensitive.  Extreme sensitivity may indicate a more serious problem requiring more extensive treatment.  You could have cavities, low gums, periodontics disease, low enamel, or simply just have sensitive teeth.   In any case, the hygienist/ Dentist will know best. 

Meanwhile, try to follow some of these recommendations to help with sensitivity.   Try to avoid tarter control toothpastes, use caution with very acidic foods, wine, sour fruit juices, lemons, etc.  Drink water along with these products to help with the problem.  Brush your teeth thoroughly but gently using a soft toothbrush.  You can use products like Sensodyne by ProNamel or Tom’s of Maine Tooth Paste.  Don’t forget to floss.  Flossing is very important.  Most people do not floss properly and the food particles left in the gum can irritate your gums.  Your teeth are usually sensitive for a very good reason.  You may not realize how attached to our mouth is to the rest of our body.  Just think about it like this… what we eat causes us to gain weight and can cause other health problems.  The food must first go through our mouth to get there.  So, it is very important to at least be proactive in taking care of your mouth by properly brushing and flossing, and visiting the dentist twice a year.

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